Welcome to the Community

By participating in Simon Lofgren's community you agree to comply with these guidelines and rules stated bellow. 


These rules cover all communications whether in public, private, or a voice channel as long as they are deemed necessary to maintain or improve the quality of the community.


Access to the community is a privilege, not a right. The staff team (Moderators) reserves the right to suspend your access to the community at any time, for reasons that include but not limited to- failure to adhere with the rules stated below.

General Rules


1) Hate speech will not be tolerated. This includes homophobia, xenophobia, discrimination of gender (such as: "women belong in the kitchen jokes"), racism etc.


2) Inappropriate or unwelcome messages (in general or DMs) of a sexual nature are prohibited. This is not Tinder nor match.com


3) No Spamming. This includes excessive images, emotes, or CAPS text. My bot will have this removed and you might get warned/banned.


4) No Advertisements or promotions of any kind in this server or in DMs unless expressly permitted. This includes Discord servers, social media, streaming channels etc.


5) Regarding Twitch. This Discord is a server for a partnered Twitch channel, and thus adheres to the Twitch Terms of Service and Twitch Community Guidelines. Failure to adhere will result in a ban from the server and the stream chat.


6) Stay on-topic for each channel. Read the channel description and pinned messages for more information.

7) Do not post any content that can be deemed pornographic or NSFW.


8) Do not share anything that can be interpreted as uncomfortable or inappropriate such as but not limited to religion or anything that maybe politically related.


9) Do not discuss or provide any means of; 1) acquiring or operating pirated products, 2) exploiting unintentional bugs for in-content-benifits, 3) discount codes not made public use.


10) Do not breach or solicit for a breach of any NDA.


11) Do not broadcast suggestive or copyrighted content (such as movies) or anything that violates any other rule in voice channels. Do not be under the influence of alcohol nor any other drug(s) when broadcasting. Don't vape or smoke.


12) Strive to communicate politely and effectively. Do not be toxic.


13) Practice common decency and use common sense. Do not try to out-smart the rules.


14) User Names will be automatically changed if they're unmentionable or against the rules. We kindly ask you to use your Twitch Nickname if applicable.


15) User Avatars or Status violating the rules will be subject to removal from the server.


16) For the sake of Simon being an IRL pilot and creates Aviation related content - discussing, promoting and mentioning acts of terrorism will result in a temporary / lifetime ban from the community. This applies unless expressly permitted by Simon (in case of nation-wide events to mourn only). You are part of someone else's experience just as others are part of yours. Act and behave accordingly.



This is a Swedish & English speaking community - please keep all conversations in Swedish and English. 


Actions Taken for Infractions

This server works on a 1,2,3, ban ruleset. Minor Infractions will result in:

1) Message removal and a warning

2) Three warnings may result in a one day temporary ban, and the next infraction will be considered major.

3) Major infractions against the rules will result in a permanent ban from the server and/or the stream