Simon Lofgren

Voice Actor | Gamer | Content Creator


I spend my days building and creating content on various platforms. Twitch. YouTube. Discord. Instagram. You name it. All my hard work and effort can be taken away from me at any time without further notice. I don't "own" whatever success I'm building on these platforms. Algorithms can change. Laws can change. The platform can change. I have no power over that. 


This mailing list is the only "platform" that I own. It is a fancy spreadsheet which I'm paying for. It allows me to communicate direct to everyone who wants to receive updates from me. It's completely unfiltered, no interfering ads, no algorithms, no nothing. It's from me you. No one else has any access to this and I keep your email secure and all according to GDPR. 


I keep this as a backup if anything unexpected happens, and for MAJOR announcements. Like if I would launch a book or something of that size. Stuff I know you wouldn't want to miss. 


If you enjoy the effort and hard work I'm putting into my various content, please subscribe to this list. 


I'm forever grateful. 



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